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+Liberdade is the portuguese liberal thinktank, whose mission is to promote knowledge for a society based on individual freedom, political freedom, and free market economy.

It was our job to help close the logo design and develop a website tailored to the Institute's specific needs and open to future evolution.

To start it off, we gave the logo some attention. The concept was already set, but it was messy and needed improving. We've cleaned up the symbol, adjusted the kerning and selected a fresh new color scheme that made the brand much more modern and less gloomy.

The library included 200+ books and at launch and now has over 500 titles, all free and available in multiple formats, including audiobook.

Project highlights

  • Searchable library with hundreds of books available in multiple formats
  • CRM and payments integration for memberships and donations
  • Archive for social media content
  • Open-ended, with new features currently in development

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