Alfândega do Porto

CMS Development

Alfândega's website needed an upgrade. Overall, the client was happy with the design, but some usability improvements were needed here and there, adding extra languages, and performance and SEO also needed a bump-up.

The problem? The old site was built using a proprietary CMS that is no longer supported.

This prompted us to rebuild the site's engine using the powerful and flexible ProcessWire CMS, keeping the best of what was present, and bringing it up to the requirements of a modern website.

Dead end

Imagine all you want is to add a couple more languages to your website, the people who built it for you are no longer around, and nobody can take your site's engine and extend it. That's why it's crucial to work with open-source instead of proprietary solutions.

In conclusion

The new Processwire CMS offers a much easier content management experience, improved performance, stability and future proofing.

No longer stuck with an unsupported CMS, Alfândega is now able to continue evolving its website with smaller increments.

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