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Velhinhos is a service that connects the elderly with caregivers. In this project we started by helping establish the name, then developed the brand identity, design system, communication and website, closing the circle of the company's marketing strategy. In the end, we delivered a complete toolkit that allowed the business activation, communication and sales.

The website is designed to be a repository for information surrounding senior care as the main source of incoming traffic. With call-to-action and quick action forms, users are invited to make an evaluation of need that calculates the level of dependency and promotes contact.

The custom built needs evaluator form is the main source of leads for Velhinhos. With an underlying score system that assigns points to each response, this form calculates the level of dependency.

There's a double benefit in this feature: it immediately helps the user think about the right questions to better understand the needs profile of their elderly, and if they choose to request help, those answers are passed on the lead, providing information that's essential to effectively discover the best suited care.

The site then integrates with Pipedrive CRM for proper follow-up of each lead and also to provide metrics that help understand the needs of the site's users.

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