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Shift-Up Consulting specializes in government incentives and financing.

Coming from an old and not quite well maintained Wordpress instalation with a lot of content, the decision here was, first and foremost, to move to a new, solid and future-proof platform.

Like on their site, the Shift-Up logo and branding was displaying some age. Our first task was to give it a refresh, keeping the overall concept and appearance, but making it cleaner and current.

Out with the old, in with the new

Besides being quite old and unsafe, the previous Wordpress installation also suffered from a large quantity of junk content resulting from years of poor management. So even before starting the design process, we looked at the information architecture and built the necessary tools to import the hundreds of content pages that we needed to carry over to the new site, all the while ensuring the old malformed urls would still work and redirect to properly structured links.

The new architecture also allows Shift to correctly mark legacy content as part of an archive, keeping its SEO value. The design was then created around the existing content, for minimal rewriting needs.

With this project, Shift-Up now benefits from having a clean slate, bringing their existing content to a new, that's more robust, performs better, is safer and easier to manage and grow from.

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