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Magenta required a new website to show prospective clients what they did and the main benefits of digital printing as an alternative to other methods of printing over fabric.

We started by redesigning the brand's identity, created a fresh new website, shot some footage for the homepage and photos for the gallery.a

The logo

Parallel lines representing the pattern of fabric and a droplet for ink bring together a representation of what the company does as a primary service.

O CMS permite a flexibilidade de criação de páginas utilizando diferentes tipos de blocos de conteúdo. Estes blocos podem ser utilizados em qualquer página e são facilmente combináveis para produzir diferentes soluções de layout.

No pre-built solutions here. Even the gallery was coded from scratch, complete with thumbnails, animated progress bar, transitions, picture description and a zoom feature so you can really close in on the fabrics.

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