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Branding + website redesign

The briefing

WholeBrain wanted a more contemporary website that would appeal to its scandinavian audience, drive more conversions and convey a more professional image.

But the conversation quickly shifted to a wider scope, and the project grew to include a complete brand redesign, illustration, infographics, and even a second website for WB's brother company in Ireland, Dynamic Brain Tech.

The website was developed as a very flexible solution, where the client can create new pages and extend them using a wide range of options for videos, testimonials and illustrations.

Some trivia

  • ProcessWire based content platform;
  • Plugin driven, meaning each page can be freely configured to include a featured video, video gallery, testimonials, fixed-scroll illustration, icons-based features, etc;
  • Two sites developed as one, changing only the branding.


See the project here:



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